Privacy Policy

Data privacy is of highest importance for Oscine. We want to be transparent with our processing of your personal data and we make every effort to ensure that you feel secure while using our Website. This Privacy Policy comprises all information related to collecting, using, reviewing and/or processing personal data by Oscine, including your rights and our obligations as the Personal Data Administrator of website.

General Informations

1.1. The Privacy Policy applies to collecting and/or processing personal data of the Users in relation to activities performed by Oscine.

1.2. Personal data means information about an identified or identifiable natural person (User).

1.3. Oscine is the Users’ Personal Data Administrator.

1.4. Oscine is the Website Administrator.

1.5. Contact with the Personal Data Administrator and Website Administrator is possible via email:


2.1. Oscine – means Oscine Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in 20-213 Lublin, Gospodarcza 26, entered into the register of entrepreneurs under KRS number 0000804031, NIP (Polish tax identification number) 9462691641, REGON (Polish statistical number) 384365178.

2.2. Website – a website that is available at

2.3. User – any person who uses the Website.

2.4. Personal Data Administrator – an entity which decides on purposes and manners of personal data processing, individually or in agreement with other entities (here: Oscine).

2.5. Log files – record of information about events and activities related to the IT system, server, computer or website, created in chronological order. This type of record is created automatically and independently from the User.

Personal Data

3.1 The User may share his personal data with the Personal Data Administrator through forms available on the website, i.e. survey forms.

3.2. The data provided to the Personal Data Administrator by the survey form are processed in order to send the e-mail messages to the User and carry out surveys.

3.3. Personal Data Administrator guarantees the confidentiality of all personal data provided by User.

3.4.  Personal Data Administrator does not disclose the data provided by User to third parties, with the exception of the entity referred to in Clause 3.7.

3.5.  Personal Data Administrator makes every effort to ensure all means of physical, technical and organisational protection of personal data against their accidental or intentional destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure, use or access, in accordance with all applicable regulations.

3.6. Users have the following rights:

  • The right to request access to your data, rectification, deletion or limitation of its processing,
  • The right to object to personal data processing,
  • The right to transfer personal data,
  • The right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data for a specific purpose, if the consent was previously expressed by the User,
  • The right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection with its  office in 00-193 Warsaw, Stawki 2.

3.7. Oscine informs the User that he entrusts the processing of personal data to the following entities:

  • dhosting, with its office in 00-807 Warsaw, Aleje Jerozolimskie 98.


4.1. The Website uses Cookies – small text information stored on the Users’ device (e.g. computer, smartphone). Cookies can be read by the Administrator’s ICT system.

4.2. The Website stores Cookies on the Users’ device. The information contained in Cookies are used for statistical and marketing purposes or to ensure the proper performance of the Website.

4.3. Oscine informs the User that it is possible to configure a web browser that prevents the storage of Cookies on the Users’ device. In such a situation, using the Website may be inconvenient.

4.4. Oscine hereby indicates that Cookies may be deleted by the User. It can be done by using the appropriate functions of the web browser.

4.5. Oscine uses Google Analytics. More information on Google Analytics’ Privacy Policy can be found under the following link: Google Analytics Privacy.

Server Logs

5.1. Using the Website is associated with sending queries to the server on which the Website is stored.

5.2. Each query directed to the server is saved in the servers’ logs. Logs include: Users’ device IP address, server date and direct time, information about the web browser and operating system used by the User.

5.3. Logs are saved and stored on the server.

5.4. Data saved in server logs are not connected to specific people who use the Website and are not used by the Oscine to identify them.

5.5. Server logs are only ancillary material, which is mainly used to administer the Website, and their content is disclosed only to persons who are authorised to administer the server.

Final Provisions

6.1. Oscine reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy, of which the Users will be informed by way of an information shared on the website at least 5 days before the change enters into force.

6.2. Any questions or doubts regarding the Privacy Policy can be address by the Users to the Website Administrator via email:

6.3. This Privacy Policy enters into force on 18 November 2019.